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About Kiwi NZ

Humble beginning : It all started with one person who is crazy about domain names and loves buying and selling domains in New Zealand. With a tiny office and a love of trading in domain, Kiwi NZ was formed. As most of domain name traders will know that buying and selling domain names can be very addictive in a good way.

Some of the top domain traders make their living with this in overseas domain market but in NZ there are not many people who are doing this. One of the main reasons is the cost of selling a domain, some of the places you can pay a very high listing fees and other places you will have to pay a hefty commission after selling your domain name. Kiwi NZ is here to change that and make buying and selling domain names in NZ easy and affordable.

Kiwi NZ was created to give a safe and affordable place for kiwi’s to buy sell and lease domain names in New Zealand. After looking to sell one of our domain names in New Zealand we found out how difficult it is to list a domain name and to sell it for what it’s worth. There are not many places in New Zealand where you can sell domains and the only few that are available charge a lot of money to list your domains and even this does not guarantee that you will sell your domain name.

Kiwi NZ provides a place where you can list your domain name and sell it or even lease it out. Our fees are very affordable and we are willing to work with you to find the best buyer for your domains. At kiwi nz we are constantly developing our site to accommodate latest technology and will be rolling out changes as needed.

Please feel free to list your domains for sale or check out the latest domains for sale in NZ. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or feedback. Let’s makes kiwi NZ #1 place in New Zealand to buy sell and trade domains.

Our aim is simple to become the one stop shop for trading domains in NZ.