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There are many ways to calculate how much a New Zealand domain name is worth, you can use complicated formulas, you can buy expensive domain appraisal tools or you can use private domain name appraisers like us. We have been dealing in New Zealand domain names for a long time and can estimate what a domain name is worth. No matter if you are buying or selling domain names we can help you get a domain name valued.

To get a better understanding of what a domain name is worth you will have take into account few of the most important factors i.e.

Domain Name Extension: When buying or selling a domain name in New Zealand, the most valued and preferred domain name extension is and it is easy picked up by search engines. The domain name is considered the top country level domain name in New Zealand and will retain most value, so when dealing with domains consider domains.

Note: When buying a domain name consider buying a domain name even you have to pay a little bit extra do it as it will be worth it in the long run.


Keyword Domain Name:

Domain names with keywords are highly sort after and will be worth more as it has good search engine value. Most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing take into account keywords in the domain when ranking a site. Most of the domains with specific keywords will have a higher value then others in the same niche.


Size of Domain Name:

size dose matter when it comes to value of a domain name and in this case the smaller the better it is. Domain names with the least amount of letters have more value compared to the long version of the similar domain name. So for domains the smaller it is the higher the value.

Age of Domain Name:

When valuing a domain name it’s important to take into account when it was first registered and if possible the history of what the domain name was used for. Age of domain name plays a small part in ranking of the domain name and normally the older more established domains will have a higher value.

These are only few of the things that we consider when appraising a domain name and there are plenty of other things that we have to take into account when estimating a domains worth.

Consider getting a domain appraisal done before buying or selling a domain name from Kiwinz. We will be able to give you an indication of how much a domain name is worth.

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